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    I’m in Willits Ca 60 years old awaiting surgery with copd, congestive heart failure and avn disease and left on the streets of willits with not one resource for shelter anywhere! I’m going to die and no one cares at all call me 7076213942
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    Good morning, Ms. Mulheren—

    I publish a column 2x/wk in the UDJ.

    Attorney Vogel sent me a copy of his complaint to the CA FPPC about your expenditure reporting. —He wrote “I . . . thought you might be interested in this..”.

    —I’m interested in your comments and any counter-filings you may have made.

    May we talk, I hope in person, but by phone if you’d prefer to keep socially distant. I can show up wherever you choose, at your convenience.

    —Thank you, Jonathan Middlebrook

    485-7370; cell: 415 706 0298
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    How may I register for the Sunday Zoom meeting you are holding with Sheriff Kendall
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    Any idea when we will be sheltering in place most Counties around us have or have plans to i next 24-36 hours.
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    I watched the interview you had with Adrian at the Mendocino Voice and really liked your

    ideas on the future of Ukiah. Good luck with your campaign!
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    Hi Mo,

    Where can I find your position on the importance of protecting the Western hills from a huge wildfire?


    Lynda Myers
    commented on Contact Mo 2020-01-27 11:51:20 -0800
    After our clean up Saturday I went for a hike up low gap road, if you have time hike a little past the end of the pavement, a ton of garbage, but mostly bags used for dirt(like big daddy sells) 100’s of them. What would the cost be if someone wanted to sponsor a free dump day once a month? thx brent
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    I am glad to see you running for district 2 supervisor. I am interested in seperating Mendocino into 5 counties, based on their districts, and would like district 2 to be the first referendum, and have the rest follow. This will allow for better resources and budget allocations and reflect the counties found on the Eastern US. The western US is a more recent settlement of the US with larger counties due to their lack of population, but has grown rapidly since WW2. I feel that your policies can be implemented in a manner that will allow such a smooth referendenum and a better allocation of resources. Rather than supervisor of district 2 you would be the new supervisor of “Yokayo County” for example, which will allow you to spunge greater resources and budget from the municpal Ukiah, which district 2 is. Ukiah would the the seat of the new Yokayo County, and would be the shining star of district-county referendums in the Western US who will follow in pursuit to address population growth and budget-resources in the Western United States. Many people supported you as mayor and will support your candidacy. Thank you and good luck.
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    Make repairing roads in Ukiah a priority and I’ll be right there with you. Heavily used Grove Avenue is in horrible shape due in part from the county School bus barn nearby. The road has no stop signs between Todd Grove Park and Bush St which leads to both heavy traffic and higher speeds.
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    Go Mo!
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