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Elected Officials*

Good leadership depends on energy, enthusiasm and the knowledge of the many topics we face. I am endorsing Mo based on her ability to work with others and get the job done

-Tom Allman, Mendocino County Sheriff (retired)

As a Ukiah councilmember, Mo has been a true partner on city-county issues and will bring that same collaborative, systems-based approach to addressing our regional challenges on the Board of Supervisors. Mo sees the big picture for fire and EMS services in the County and will ensure fiscal accountability from service providers and County partners. Mo understands that city-centered growth and robust transportation systems protect our wild lands, agriculture, and tourism while improving our quality of life and helping us to reach our climate goals. As the Supervisor for the neighboring district, I look forward to working with Mo on long overdue Ukiah annexations, revenue sharing, improving our roads and access to vital services for the benefit of all Mendocino County residents. I appreciate her ability to engage in important and challenging community conversations. Join me in supporting Mo Mulheren for Second District Supervisor.

- Ted Williams, Fifth District Supervisor

-Matt Kendall, Mendocino County Sheriff 

-Justin Wyatt, Ukiah Police Department, Chief


Douglas Crane, Mayor, City of Ukiah
Mike Wilson, Humboldt County Supervisor
Bruno Sabatier, Lake County Supervisor
Jim Brown, Ukiah City Council
Tarney Sheldon, Trustee, Mendocino County Office of Education Board
Holly Madrigal, Willits City Council (retired)
Bernie Norvell, Fort Bragg City Council
Will Lee, Fort Bragg City Council
Melanie Bagby, Cloverdale City Council
Marta Cruz, Cloverdale City Council
Joe Palla, Cloverdale City Council (retired)
Neysa Hinton, Sebastopol City Council
Dominic Foppoli, Mayor, Windsor Town Council
Rachel Hundley, Vice Mayor, Sonoma City Council
Rex Bohn, Humboldt County Supervisor
Greta Kanne, Willits City Council
E.J. Crandell, Lake County Supervisor
Saprina Rodriguez, Willits City Council
Gerry Gonzalez, Mayor, Willits City Council
Augestine "Gus" Wolter, Mayor, Cloverdale City Council


*Titles used for identification purposes only.

Local Leaders

Amalia Abrojena
Anna Alvarado
Lance Anderson
Dan Antonioli
Kristana Arp
Alex Bland
Michael Bailey
Phil Barajas
Ronda Barela
Harvey Barker
Eliott Bernard
Leif Bierer
Susan Billy 
Kayla Black
Paul Blarth
Eric Boyle
Isis Brenner-Ward
Jef Brewer
Wayne & Dora Briley
Chandra Brouillette
Diane Brown
Shannon Brown
Debra Bryant
Scott Bubany
Eric Burch
Sonja Burgal
Peter Bushby
Maggie Butler
Benjamin Butler
Cole Butler
Sierra Butler
Brad Campbell
Pamela Campbell
Sonya Campbell
Laura Cannon
Lily Caravello
Kevin Carr
Melissa Eleftherion Carr
Julia Carrera & Associates
Jason Caudillo
John Cesano
Dawn Chance
Heather Clark
Amy Cline
Kevin Cline 
Krystle Coffman
Shinah Cole
James Coonley
Erin Corley
Cheryl Cornett
Jendi Coursey
Gilbert Cox
Donald Crawford
Chad Dalbec
Victoria Dalbec
Ronnie DeSoto
Sarah Dhuyvetter
Candie Dickinson
Jay Donnellan
Jerry Douglas
Tisha Douthwaite
Hrant Ekmekjian
Andre Epstein
Ocean Epstein
Simeon Evans
Madonna Feather-Cruz
Mike Fesler
James Feitshans
Cole Fetherston
Ralph Fimbres, Sports Attic 2
Heather Fine
Toni Fort
Patience Foster
Margo Frank
Mandy Fraser
William French
Sergio Fuentes
Anira G'Acha
Pete Gallegos
Kathleen Gamble
Elizabeth Garbocci
Elizabeth Garcia
Patrick Garrett
Peter Good 
Susan O. Gordon
Magen Graves
Kasie Gray
Sandy Griffin
Jenny Grissom
Heather Guevara
Mike Gutierrez, Redwood Taxi Service
Karen Harmon
Steve Harris
Susan Hartley
Emily Held
Bonnie Henderson
Mark Hilliker
Mitzie Holland, Mixie's
Clint Hudson
Dona Huff 
Sharon Hultas
Linda Jacinto
Sarah Jamison Walsh
John Johns
Cheryl Johnson
Shannon Johnson
Mindy Keegan 
Erica Kei
Sean Keller
Lynsey Kelly
Victoria Kelly
Brandon Kight
Milton Kleim
Vince Knight
Jeff Kram
Roy Krausen
William Kubran
David Lieben
Lisa Leonard
Kristina Lewis
LJS Leadership Solutions
Linda Logan
Mary Logan 
Janice Lombardi
Carina Lopez
Alex Lopez
Lydia Lopez
Brent Lorenz
Yvette Magallon
Tony Marsh
Sandra Marshall
Sharon Marshall
Lester Marson
Josh and Jenna Mason
Pamela Mathias
John Mayfield
Wayne McBride
Kristi McCoy
Mike McCulloch, Mike's Dog House
Jennifer McManus
Leah Mendoza
Joey Mertle
Kayla Miles
Manny Miramontes
Tomara Monostori
Cathy Monroe
Kim Monroe
John Morris
Colin Morrow
Macci Morse
Brandy Moulton
Erin Moynahan
Val Muchowski
Anita Mulheren
Marianne Mulheren
Jim Mulheren
Lynda Myers
Kate Napp
Jacinta Neff
Jennifer Nix
Steve Oliveria
Matilda O'Neill
Tracey Oswald
Brandi Page
Mike Pallesen
Osvaldo Palmerin
David Palma
Rick Paras
Becky Parsons
Travis Parsons
John Patrick 
Gregory Peacock
Jane Person
Thao Phi
James Pineda
Timothy Poma
David Poma
Chris Pugh
Lynsie Quinonez
Mindi Ramos
Trudy Ramos
Chris Rau
Devon Redin
Andrea Reed
Lino Reed
Richard Reed
Catherine Reese
Amanda Reiman
Jini Reynolds
Chiah Rodriguez
Katarzyna Rolzinski
Janet Rosen
Erik Rudzitis
Daniel Ryberg
Emily Saengarun
Monique Sawyer
Jim Shaw
Darlene Schlerf
Timothy Schmadeke
Eleonora Schonhofer
Tami and Jerry Schwass
Travis Scott
Larry Sheehy
Jani Sheppard
Charlene Silver
Marisa Sizemore
Jennifer Smit
Ed Strout
Maya Stuart
Matthew Sullivan
Sienna Szell
Clayton Teters
Tracy Thieriot
Joe Thomas
Bonnie Tillotson
Jodi Todd
Lindsay Torgerson
Chon Travis
Irma Turner
Laura Turner
Devin Vagt
Barb Valente
Mikell Van Patten
Sarah Walker
Drew Wallace
Scott Ward
Angela Wartell
Sarah Jamison Walsh
Cheri Watt
Andrew Wattenburger
Janis Wattenburger
Brandon Wheeler
Kevin Williams
Ilse Winters
Sage Wolf
Heidi Wyatt

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