Have you voted?

Where's your ballot? Don't forget to vote no later that Tuesday March 3rd!

As we come in to the final days of the campaign I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. Secondly, I want to thank my campaign staff and volunteers who have helped get the word out to our community and have called, knocked on doors, and helped with my events. I'd especially like to thank my family for being so supportive with the endless door knocking, phone banking and meetings I attend.

We've had over 75 volunteers, family, and friends investing their time in making sure that we finish with a 50% +1 outcome in the March Primary. The fact that everyone has rallied to support our campaign means the world to me. I have worked hard to be accessible and get my information out to the community but if you or a friend have any questions about my stance on the issues please make sure to visit my website or call me anytime at 707-391-3664.

If you've already sent in your mail-in ballot, check the status of your ballot online:

Who's on Team Mo?

We are honored to have the support of regional leaders including:
Ted Williams, Fifth District Supervisor Mendocino County • Former Sheriff Tom Allman • Douglas Crane, Mayor, City of Ukiah • Mike Wilson, Humboldt County Supervisor • Bruno Sabatier, Lake County Supervisor • Jim Brown, Ukiah City Council • Tarney Sheldon, Trustee, Mendocino County Office of Education Board • Holly Madrigal, Willits City Council (retired) • Bernie Norvell, Fort Bragg City Council • Will Lee, Fort Bragg City Council • Melanie Bagby, Cloverdale City Council • Marta Cruz, Cloverdale City Council • Joe Palla, Cloverdale City Council (retired) • Neysa Hinton, Sebastopol City Council • Dominic Foppoli, Mayor, Windsor Town Council • Rachel Hundley, Vice Mayor, Sonoma City Council • Mike Wilson, Humboldt County Supervisor • Greta Kanne, Willits City Council • E.J. Crandell, Lake County Supervisor • Saprina Rodriguez, Willits City Council

I am ready to hit the ground running and get the job done for you January of 2021 with the support of our local and regional partners. I look forward to working with these partners and with you to create a healthy and safe community, develop recreational and active transportation, take advantage of city-centered housing opportunities, and protect our natural resources.

Where I went?

Last Friday, I attended the Latin X luncheon on the topic of Climate Change. I've been attending the Latin X lunch for over a year and they are a great opportunity to network and make sure that I am connected to our diverse Mendocino County Community.

We had a blast this past weekend door knocking and at the last Open Door Meeting before the Primary Election.

Monday, I attended the Continuum of Care (CoC) meeting—the County of Mendocino's approach to providing wrap-around services and housing to shelterless individuals and families aimed at ending the cycle of homelessness. It is important that our elected officials participate in the process when the service providers discuss how they will be working together to deliver services in our community. On Monday evening, we attended the UVA Candidate Forum. There was a little corner set up for kids and there was also food available and I enjoyed the opportunity to reach out regarding our goals to create a cultural liaison position for the Native American and Latin X Communities.

On Tuesday, I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting and much of the conversation was around cannabis and the continuing evolution of the regulatory framework and industry. I got to attend my first Neighborhood Firesafe Council Leadership Meeting this week. I truly admire the folks who are dedicated to spending time to support their neighborhoods to make everyones homes safer. I look forward to learning more and sharing information and resources with the group.

I drove up to Willits to attend the Honoring Native American Heritage in Mental Health of Mendocino County Cultural Diversity Committee. Unfortunately, it wasn't well attended but I did learn a lot about the services provided by the County and I believe improved outreach will expand this important community conversation.

On Thursday, I attended the Russian River Watershed Association Meeting. We approved this years work plan and I look forward to bringing more RRWA involvement to Mendocino County. I also squeezed in some board work for the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay and look forward to continuing to support workforce development in Mendocino County.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to mail your ballot in by Tuesday March 3rd!


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