Week of January 3rd

Mo Mulheren
Candidate for Mendocino County Board of Supervisors, Second District

Happy New Year! I am excited for 2020!

Getting 50% +1 of the vote on March 3rd will be an outright win for me and avoid a runoff in November. Help us get our message out to your friends and neighbors by making a donation, volunteering, and displaying a Vote Mo yard sign. And make sure you fill out those mail-in ballots and send them in as soon as you get them in early February!

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Who's on Team Mo?

In addition to the endorsements we listed last week, several individuals took the time to visit my website and show their support by endorsing my campaign.

Thank you Dan Antolioni, Candie Dickinson, Gregory Peacock, Chris Pugh, Lino Reed, Chandra Brouillette, Patrick Garrett, Laura Turner, Richard Reed, Victoria Dalbec, David Lieben and Eric Burch for adding your names to the list of people who are pro Mo. If you'd like to add your name to our list of supporters please click here: 

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What I did?

Just because it's a holiday, it doesn't mean our campaign slows down. We have been busy going door to door and letting people know why I'm running for Supervisor. One of my very favorite things is talking to people face to face. We get to have very real conversations about the positive changes that have happened in the City in the last five years and talk about the challenges ahead. More importantly we get to have the 30 second version of why I'm running for Supervisor: Because everything having to do with health and wellbeing happens at the County level—funding for drug addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. I want to bring my experience in local government and ability to get diverse interests working together to solve these problems in Ukiah and throughout Mendocino County.

On Sunday, I hosted my last Open Door Meeting of 2019. We talked about questionnaires and candidate forums and how to get the information out to as many voters as possible. I'm always happy to discuss any issue at a local coffee shop or at a regularly scheduled meeting at my office. I need to hear from you, so that together, we can address community challenges.

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Where I went?

It was really quiet on the meeting front between the holidays so I took the time to plan out the first quarter of next year's community walks, Adopt-A-Highway clean ups and Open Door Meetings. Make sure you visit our calendar so you don't miss a thing.

Why I do what I do?

In case you were wondering if I stayed awake until midnight on New Year's Eve well I sure didn't! But as soon as the neighborhood got loud, my 11-year-old 120 pound black lab decided she would try to climb into my bed. So much for an early night!

The next morning we all got up for the Ukiah Valley Trail New Year's Day Hike on the Great Redwood Trail. When Neil Davis asked me if I could be the greeter for the hike, of course I jumped at the opportunity. There was a great crowd enjoying this community walk checking out Phase 2 and 3 of the Great Redwood Trail Ukiah section.

The GRT is currently 1.8 miles long and goes from Brush Street to Commerce Drive right through the middle of Ukiah. It's a great opportunity for active transportation as well as recreational fitness. Neil talked about the work we've been doing especially on Phase 3 between Ford Street and Brush Street to plant native grasses and oak trees. There are a lot of volunteers from the neighborhood as well as other community members who want to come and pitch in to make this a beautiful place to bike and walk.

The night before, my youngest daughter had a friend sleep over so they helped greet participants and then we walked to Brush Street too. They didn't want to walk the full length so they hung back with some friends and I ran/walked from Norton to Commerce and back. I did 2.92 miles in 32:37—not bad for 40! I got to meet new people and get a little fitness in, as the kids say #livingmybestlife!

I'm proud to have worked on a project like this that gives us alternatives to driving, makes walking and biking safer, brings the community together, and improves our health and wellbeing on several levels. Will you help me bring this know-how to the Board of Supervisors?

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I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2020!