Week of February 7th

Who's on Team Mo

As a Ukiah councilmember, Mo has been a true partner on city-county issues and will bring that same collaborative, systems-based approach to addressing our regional challenges on the Board of Supervisors. Mo sees the big picture for fire and EMS services in the County and will ensure fiscal accountability from service providers and County partners. Mo understands that city-centered growth and robust transportation systems protect our wild lands, agriculture, and tourism while improving our quality of life and helping us to reach our climate goals. As the Supervisor for the neighboring district, I look forward to working with Mo on long overdue Ukiah annexations, revenue sharing, improving our roads and access to vital services for the benefit of all Mendocino County residents. I appreciate her ability to engage in important and challenging community conversations. Join me in supporting Mo Mulheren for Second District Supervisor.

-Ted Williams, Mendocino County Fifth District Supervisor

Supervisor Williams is someone who is dedicated to the residents of Mendocino County so it means so much to have earned his endorsement! I look forward to working with him and the entire board to move our county forward for the benefit of all.

This week I also received the endorsement of the MEPS NorthBay! I'm proud to have received the endorsement of the men and women who are responsible for our built environment—quite literally the the foundation of our economy! I was told I was successful in earning their endorsement because I stood out by coming prepared to answer questions about their central concerns. Doing my research and being prepared is how I approach every key decision in my life, whether as a business owner or council member and what I will do as your Supervisor.

If you haven't had the time to make an official endorsement, please visit our website so we can update our list:

Add my name to those publicly supporting Mo4Mendo!

Where I went?

On Friday and Saturday I attended a Community Organizing Event put on by multiple partners on how to impact change through action. It was powerful to go through the process of organizing and collaborating in order to affect change for issues you are passionate about. Of course I also had the opportunity to pitch my passion for Mixed Waste Organics, Zero Waste and hydration. Just call me the Water Girl!

After the training, I went directly to the dinner to honor retiring Sheriff Tom Allman. The dinner was organized as a fundraiser for the Mendocino County Sheriff Search and Rescue and they raised $50,000! I volunteered for the kitchen crew and helped prepare the salads, organized the barbecue serving line, and had a fantastic time with the clean up crew. Sheriff Allman was one of my early endorsers and I'm truly grateful for his support and long service to our community.

On Monday night I attended the Russian River Flood Control District meeting. This is a very important special district in our community so I am looking forward to working with this group from the City and County levels.

On Tuesday, my youngest daughter Andie celebrated her 10th birthday! I took her out to lunch which meant she got to go on a quick errand with me to record a radio ad at KWNE 94.5 FM (Kwine). The look on her face when Jason Howard, who she listens to on the radio, started speaking and she put a face to his voice was priceless. One of the best things about living in a small town is that your kids get to meet local celebrities like Jason.

At Wednesday night's council meeting we discussed rules for the Great Redwood Trail. Early Thursday morning, I attended the Sonoma Clean Power Board meeting in Santa Rosa where Mendocino is represented by one member of the Board of Supervisors and a councilmember from one of the cities (Ukiah is not a member because we own our own municipal utility). This was my first time attending an SCP board meeting and it was exciting to learn about how they are providing clean, competitively priced energy to their customers, lobbying state agencies and working with our legislators to protect ratepayers, helping communities become more resilient to disasters and PSPSs, and working to create new rebate programs for energy efficient appliances and e-bikes. I look forward to learning more about SCP and working with them to make sure eligible businesses and residents are taking advantage of their programs and that the Board of Supervisors is working with them closely on energy and climate policy.

Why I do what I do?

While our local news does a great job of covering council meetings, they're not going to pick up on every nuance of every vote that I've made on city council. As I have been door knocking and phone banking and listening to community questions and concerns, I have been adding these questions and answers to my website so everyone can have access to them. Topics include conservation easements, trash rates, the Place Hotel, and the Downtown reconstruction project. CLICK HERE to see my VISION for Mendocino County and answers to Frequently Asked Questions or call me at 707-391-3664.

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