Week of February 20th

Who's on Team Mo?

On Sunday we received the endorsement of Ukiah Daily Journal editor K.C. Meadows. K.C. has been around Mendocino County politics for decades and I am proud to have earned her support for Supervisor!

We are urging a vote for Maureen ‘Mo’ Mulheren for 2nd District supervisor. Ms. Mulheren has been a Ukiah City Council member and city mayor but as a supervisor she will be able to effect change in areas that the Ukiah City Council can’t: specifically the human needs of local residents, from homelessness, to foster care to mental health programs. Ms. Mulheren is a dedicated public servant and she is the only candidate who announced her candidacy for supervisor long before the incumbent announced he would not run. You can find her at almost every community event, some of which she sponsors herself.

Ms. Mulheren is endorsed by a broad coalition, including organizations like the Mendocino Women’s Political Caucus, SEIU Local 1021, the Sierra Club, North Bay Labor Council, Teamsters Local 856, North Bay Realtors and a long list of local people including retired Sheriff Tom Allman. You can find her list of endorsements at mo4mendo.com/endorsements.

Ms. Mulheren is a good listener and she engages with the public on a daily basis. She has experience tackling some of the county’s biggest problems. As a city council member she has overseen the building of 143 new housing units within the city, housing of all types, from low income to market rate. She sees people stuck in subsidized housing who could be moving to modest home purchases if they were available, and opening subsidized housing for those now homeless. On homelessness she sees the need for a shift in the conversation to a more compassionate point of view, and has some good ideas on how to improve services while getting law enforcement out of the picture and sees improving services to the mentally ill as rethinking centralized services in some cases.

Ms. Mulheren has also pushed the city of Ukiah for more transparency on its web site, with easily read budget documents and detailed explanations of all city projects. Overall, we like Ms. Mulheren’s refreshing take on the issues that the county seems to be bogged down in. She is a leader, and we think she will make a difference at the county level.

-Ukiah Daily Journal, February 16, 2020

We are still adding individual endorsements! Thank you Spring Starback and Lynda B. Myers for taking the time to endorse our campaign. If you haven't added your name to the list yet please visit 

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Where I went?

I appreciate you reading my email each week! When folks ask me how I make it to all the meetings and events, I have been telling them the campaign is really training for the job: meeting with people, attending meetings to get more information, and talking with constituents. All of this involvement and engagement will continue when I'm elected as your Supervisor. The more our elected officials are able to engage with our community, the better the outcomes for everyone.

Time is flying but last week was Valentine's Day and we celebrated with our annual walk on the Ukiah Rail Trail called the "Cupid Shuffle." This year we had several families join us who hadn't used the trail as well as some pretty fast walkers who ditched us! When they caught us on their way back they did exclaim that they had a great time and that the trail is beautiful. If you have not yet used the trail, I invite you to give me a call and I will take a walk with you anytime! 707-391-3664

President's Day didn't mean the campaign took the day off! While out meeting voters, we were pleasantly surprised to see that many people at home still hadn't turned in their ballot and were eager to discuss the issues. If you still have some questions about my platform and experience or know a voter who needs more information, CLICK HERE to go to my website for more information. If you don't see your question answered please feel free to shoot me an email mo@mo4mendo.com and we will answer it and add it to the website.

Tuesday evening I listened in on a presentation about SB 743 and the changes that will be made to CEQA requirements. Following these changes are vital to ensure that we have appropriate planning for our future housing needs.

Wednesday night I had a City Council Meeting and we approved rules for the Great Redwood Trail as well as the bid for the Streetscape project to Ghillotti Construction.

Why I do what I do

It's been a long year, but as the time for the ballots to be counted approaches I have to tell you I am overwhelmed with all of your support and encouragement. I love hearing the comments about how much I've grown as a leader and how appreciated I am as a local elected official. I look forward to serving you as a Supervisor and connecting our community with our local government to make sure that our needs are met.

We still need your help!

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