Week of December 27th

Mo and Kasie at the Ukiah Valley Christmas Effort

Who’s on Team Mo?

I am Tim S. Poma, I am an artist and Entrepreneur and I approve this message! To be honest it is such a breath of fresh air to see someone like Mo running for Supervisor. Mo has done amazing things these past five years on the City Council. Mo is a hands-on type of person, when she believes it she builds it. Whether it be projects like the Rail Trail or adopting a highway and walk ways to keep them looking clean. Mo is no stranger to hard work. I love Mo’s open door policy—if you have an issue you can go right to her and have a conversation about [it]. Mo is a strong and dedicated woman, a true service-orientated individual who loves this community and wants to continue to help it bloom. This is why I am endorsing and voting for Mo!
- Tim S. Poma, Ukiah Resident

Mo has always been a strong, hardworking and dedicated woman. She will surely get the job done! Mo for Supervisor!
- Tomara Monostori, Brewers Barn

Local electeds who support Mo

Mike Wilson, Humboldt County Supervisor
Bruno Sabatier, Lake County Supervisor
Jim Brown, Ukiah City Council
Tarney Sheldon, Trustee, Mendocino County Office of Education Board
Holly Madrigal, Willits City Council (retired)
Bernie Norvell, Fort Bragg City Council
Will Lee, Fort Bragg City Council
Melanie Bagby, Cloverdale City Council
Marta Cruz, Cloverdale City Council
Joe Palla, Cloverdale City Council (retired)
Dominic Foppoli, Mayor, Windsor Town Council
Rachel Hundley, Vice Mayor, Sonoma City Council
E.J. Crandell, Lake County Supervisor
Tom Allman, Mendocino County Sheriff (retired)

Community leaders who support Mo

Amalia Abrojena, Lance Anderson, Kristana Arp, Michael Bailey, Ronda Barela, Eliott Bernard, Leif Bierer, Isis Brenner-Ward, Jef Brewer, Diane Brown, Debra Bryant, Scott Bubany, Sonja Burgal, Sonya Campbell, Lily Caravello, Kevin Carr, John Cesano, Amy Cline, Kevin Cline, Shinah Cole, James Coonley, Erin Corley, Cheryl Cornett, Jendi Coursey, Donald Crawford, Vergilia Dakin, Ronnie DeSoto, Jerry Douglas, Tisha Douthwaite, Hrant Ekmekjian, Simeon Evans, Madonna Feather-Cruz, Mike Fesler, Cole Fetherston, Ralph Fimbres Jr., Heather Fine, Mandy Fraser, Sergio Fuentes, Pete Gallegos, Kathleen Gamble, Elizabeth Garbocci, Elizabeth Garcia, Kasie Gray, Sandy Griffin, Heather Guevara, Steve Harris, Emily Held, Bonnie Henderson, Sharon Hultas, Sarah Jamison Walsh, John Johns, Shannon Johnson, Sean Keller, Victoria Kelly, Brandon Kight, Milton Kleim, Vince Knight, William Kubran, Lisa Leonard, Kristina Lewis, Linda Logan, Janice Lombardi, Carina Lopez, Alex Lopez, Sandra Marshall, Sharon Marshall, Lester Marston, Pamela Mathias, Kristi McCoy, Mike McCulloch, Jennifer McManus, Leah Mendoza, Joey Mertle, Kayla Miles, Tomara Monostori, Cathy Monroe, Kim Monroe, John Morris, Colin Morrow, Brandy Moulton, Jim Mulheren, Jacinta Neff, Steve Oliveria, Matilda O'Neill, Osvaldo Palmerin, David Palma, Jane Person, Thao Phi, Timothy Poma, David Poma, Mindi Ramos, Devon Redin, Andrea Reed, Catherine Reese, Katarzyna Rolzinski, Janet Rosen, Erik Rudzitis, Monique Sawyer, Timothy Schmadeke, Eleonora Schonhofer, Larry Sheehy, Charlene Silver, Marisa Sizemore, Ed Strout, Maya Stuart, Matthew Sullivan, Sienna Szell, Clayton Teters, Tracy Thieriot, Joe Thomas, Bonnie Tillotson, Jodi Todd, Lindsay Torgerson, Chon Travis, Irma Turner, Devin Vagt, Barb Valente, Sarah Walker, Scott Ward, Angela Wartell, Cheri Watt, Brandon Wheeler, Kevin Williams, Isle Winters, Sage Wolf, Heidi Wyatt

Businesses and organizations who support Mo

Cold Creek Compost
North American Organics
Zero Waste Mendo

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What I did?

This week I received an appointment to the League of California Cities Revenue and Taxation Committee. I will be attending quarterly meetings around the State to help create policy around revenue needs and taxation reform. I’m excited for this opportunity to represent rural Northern California on this policy committee with other dedicated council members and municipal staff from throughout our state.

While attending a Board of Supervisors meeting, I learned that the County is considering the financial transparency platform “Open Gov”. I took the opportunity to see the platform that was offered to the public during the meeting. The City of Ukiah already uses Open Gov so I look forward to a smooth transition using it as Supervisor.

Where I went?

I attended a meeting of the ALUC “Airport Land Use Commission.” This group reviews plans for projects around the County and determines the potential impact to the Airport Runway Zone or flight patterns. It's always helpful to attend meetings in person to better understand the function and process that they follow.

Last Friday I attended the Workforce Alliance Governing Board meeting from the County through teleconference with Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino County. It's important to have these regional partnerships especially in rural communities with limited funding.

On Saturday night I was invited to attend the Christmas Veterans Dinner. It's so fun to celebrate with these heroes right in our community including some of our Ukiah Hometown Heroes. Of course I was happy to celebrate Christmas with family and friends and I hope you had time to slow down and connect with your family.

Why I do what I do?

Last week I went to the Tom Hine book signing. Tom's column in the Ukiah Daily Journal definitely takes some pokes at local elected leaders. Apparently, some people read the column and take everything in it literally rather than with a grain of salt as intended. I appreciate that Tom believes he is bringing to light important issues so I bought the book and donated an extra $5 to the Humane Society.

At a Solstice Party at Mariposa Ranch I ran in to a former teacher from Pomolita Junior High. I told her that I remembered her always encouraging us girls to be strong and to insist on being treated as equals. I was happy to let her know I had served as the Mayor and was running for Supervisor. That's one of the fun things about living in a small town, you get to let people see the influence they've had on your life even years later.

The Ukiah Valley Christmas Effort is really one of the first volunteer efforts I remember being a part of as a kid. My dad drove the big cabinet truck with the box loads to the fire departments in Hopland and Redwood Valley and as a teenager I would get up early on Christmas Eve morning to help him with delivery. The last three years I have been trusted with traffic control (I do have a safety vest, might as well use it) and I was happy to see both my dad and my oldest daughter come through the line delivering packages. Kasie has been volunteering since she could walk and I am always so proud of her and the community leader and business woman she has become.

The most honorable comment a local elected can receive is one that is honest about the fact that we might not always agree but we still can work together...

Mo and I were both bartenders, although not in the same century! We’ve worked together on transit issues and while we don’t always agree we respect each other’s point of view. Her constant connection to the public has impressed me and I see her as a youthful step forward.
- Jim Mastin, Former Mayor of the City of Ukiah

I want to thank Jim and all those who have served or currently serve our community as elected officials. I look forward to bringing my energy and accessibility to represent Mendocino's Second District on the Board of Supervisors.

Have a prosperous and happy New Year!