Week of February 14th

Who's on Team Mo

Mo has become an exemplary leader in our community. This year she is taking the time to improve herself by participating in the Leadership Mendocino Program as well as the Dare to Lead program by author Brené Brown. We have been impressed by Mo’s leadership as a Council member and her ability to communicate with all of her constituents both on and off of social media. Mo takes time to volunteer in the community and engage with her constituents at regular coffee meetings. We are impressed with her role in creating transparency and engagement on the City level. Last year when she served as Mayor the meetings were run efficiently and succinctly and as the only female on the City Council for the last six years she has shown us that she will be treated as an equal. The Mendocino Women's Political Coalition is proud to endorse Maureen Mulheren as our candidate of choice for the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors Second District.

- Mendocino Women's Political Coalition

Let me be very honest with you, I was very honored today to meet with some of the women from the Mendocino Women's Political Coalition. In 2014 when I first ran for City Council, I was not broadly supported by some of our local community groups. Over the last six years as a Council member and serving last year as the Mayor of the City of Ukiah, I have grown as a leader and worked hard to make sure I am reaching out to everyone in our community. I am proud that the Women behind this organization who have been so politically involved for decades have chosen to endorse my candidacy for the Mendocino County 2nd District Board of Supervisors. We were also proud to have received the endorsement of these community leaders: Valerie Muchowski, Phil Barajas, Julia Carrera & Associates, Roy Krausen, Wayne McBride, Susan O. Gordon. Will you join my growing list of endorsers?

Add my name to those publicly supporting Mo4Mendo!

Where I went?

We had a sweetheart of a First Friday Art Walk with Gene North bringing new art, and many important conversations about how we grow the arts in our community. On Saturday, we took a day off for Andie's Birthday in San Francisco. I took her and two of her little girlfriends and we walked around on the wharf and enjoyed the Madam Tussauds Museum. We also had a chance to check out the Rosie the Riveter Display of the USS Pampanito in the Wharf.

Our Sunday open door meeting ended up focussing on community engagement and what I will do differently as a Supervisor. Everyone knows that I use social media actively but not everyone knows that I also attend every 7am Meet the Editor meeting at Schat's with KC Meadows and host monthly community walks on the Rail Trail. You are invited to join us for an RT walk tomorrow Saturday 2/15 at 10am, meet on the Commerce Drive side.

I attended the 1st district candidate forum at the DRBU to learn more about those candidates running for the First District. It is imperative that we have a Board of Supervisors that is willing and able to work together to accomplish the big picture goals that will move Mendocino County forward. On Monday Andie and I made the trip over to Philo after work to do our KZYX candidate radio interview. We had a great time! CLICK HERE  to listen if you missed it. Wednesday night I attended the MHSA Community Forum. This is the opportunity for the users of the Mental Health System to be able to discuss with the County their successes and challenges. It was very interesting to hear the responses and input. What I took away was that the Transitional Housing is working but lack a lack of robust transportation options is a barrier and something we need to work on. Thursday night we had the Candidate Forum at Inland Mendocino Democratic Club Meeting. We started by introducing ourselves and then we had a Q&A. What I would like you to know is that I'm ready for this job. I've done my homework, I have the energy, I have the dedication to this community to communicate and advocate for my constituents. If you would like to know more about my experience and platform CLICK HERE to visit my website Vision page.

Why I do what I do?

Our community needs to have a serious conversation. We need someone in the Second District seat for the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors who is  data and results-driven, fiscally responsible, transparent, and willing to take on tough challenges like homelessness. I'm prepared to take on this job and go to work for you. That's why I humbly ask for your vote.

Last day to register to vote in the March 3rd primary is only four short days away: February 18th!

Make sure you and your friends and family are registered!

Go to online voter registration

Help by joining Team Mo!

  • Phone Banking at the Union Hall, 655 Kings Court - 2/20, 2/25 5:30-7pm
  • Door knocking meets at Union Hall, 655 Kings Court 2/22, 2/29 9:30am-noon
  • Anytime from your sofa: call/text/email your friends, share on social media why you are supporting the Mo4Mendo campaign! 
  • Have friends call or text me at 707-391-3664 to discuss the issues
  • CLICK HERE to make a donation to my grass roots campaign
  • Write a letter to the editor to let the community know you support my campaign! Here are some great recent examples:


In 2017 when the project now known as Building Bridges was before the Ukiah City Council Maureen came to the shelter to get a tour to better understand the project before making her decision. Since then Mo has been active in engaging with the staff and the guests at Building Bridges and stops by often to drop off some of the various things the Shelter needs. Homelessness is not a one solution fits all problem in our community, or any other community for that matter, we need someone that is going to meet with neighbors, residents and business owners to work on solutions. When the Ukiah Police Department had to come up with a plan to vacate a growing encampment on Airport Road Mo met with me to make sure that there was communication between advocates and law enforcement. There are tough conversations on the plate around homelessness and Mo is ready to tackle them and hit the ground running as a Supervisor. I support Maureen "Mo" Mulheren as our next Second District Supervisor.

-Tony Lee Marsh, Ukiah

From Facebook: As most of you have seen and read lately Mo and I have had some heart felt discussions about the homeless situation in Ukiah. Some people have commented to me that I have really called Mo out. This is not my intention, it's passion and frustration. Let me say first and foremost that I'm voting for Mo. I believe that Mo and I want the same thing we just see a different way to get there. I have read Mo's opponent's statements on the homeless and do not believe their idea's will solve this issue. Whatever you say about Mo the one thing you can count on is she will answer your questions and is available to the public, unlike most who ask for our vote, I found out yesterday that Jim Brown chairs the Ad-Hoc Committee for the homeless in Ukiah. We need to direct our complaints and views to him. Mo is taking the hits because she is trying and available. Sometimes our strengths can be our weaknesses. I apologized to Mo because my complaints should be directed at all five council members. It is time for us (community) to show up at a council meeting and voice our concern, it's our town that's on the line.

- Todd Shapmire, Sr.

If you would like to write a Letter to the Editor to let the community know why you are supporting my campaign here are the emails to local papers for your reference.

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