Running for Supervisor - Literally


Maureen Mulheren Running a 55 Mile Campaign for 2nd District Supervisor



There are 55 miles of roadway in the 2nd District of Mendocino County and current Supervisor Candidate Maureen Mulheren is planning to run every one of them to promote her campaign.


Thus far, a majority of Mulheren’s campaigning has been held virtually with a public Facebook Live every Thursday and Zoom meeting every other Sunday.


“I can’t knock on doors right now, so I decided I was going to physically run the entire second district,” Mulheren says.


As a city councilwoman, her dedication to past street projects has involved walking, running, or biking the work area both before and after the project’s completion to better witness the change firsthand. As a prospective county supervisor, she plans to adapt this practice and shift the focus to visible health aspects of the community.


“It’s an alternative to create a healthy community and also understand each neighborhood,” comments Mulheren.


Less than 100 days from the election, Mulheren is hoping to learn more about all of the neighborhoods by walking or running through them with local residents—safely and socially distanced. Residents are invited to call Mulheren at 707-391-3664 or email her at if interested in sharing their thoughts and stories about their neighborhoods with her.


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