This is personal. As a Ukiah native, I want to make sure that my kids have the economic opportunities to thrive and continue to make Mendocino their home. At the current pace of societal, economic, and technological change, government must be responsive to the needs of our business community and create and maintain the infrastructure businesses and residents need to thrive. My work on the Ukiah State Street revitalization, City of Ukiah recycled water project, and work to bring Costco to Ukiah with its accompanying street improvements to the Talmage exit are examples of the kind of public/private partnerships I support and that are bringing positive economic results and resiliency to our region.

Communication and responsiveness are key to creating these kinds of partnerships and successes. As the county seat, Ukiah is in a unique position to work with our regional partners. I look forward to using my experience as Ukiah's Mayor to build coalitions throughout the region to ensure our economic vitality in all sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. The cannabis industry has emerged as a key partner in our regional economic success. As Supervisor, I will work closely with the industry to continue bringing it into compliance with local and state regulations while ensuring public safety and our quality of life.


Housing for all means something different to just about anyone you ask. But in practical terms, it simply means that we need the right kind of housing for our residents at the right time in their lives: whether they're students, working people, young families trying to save for a home, or empty-nesters looking to downsize. This is where government needs to listen to the community, partner with developers, streamline services, and respond with bold solutions to meet our current and future housing needs. And make no mistake: having the right housing available at the right price is essential for local businesses to attract and retain the talent they need to grow their businesses, so that together, we can grow a vibrant local economy that benefits all.


This is why I feel called to serve. I'm keenly aware that every vote I cast or position I take as Mayor ultimately impacts the health and wellness of everyone in our community. Whether it's an infrastructure project that makes it easier to bike or walk, a recycled water project that improves our environmental resiliency, community policing policies that strengthen relationships and develop trust, or universal pre-K to put all kids on track to be lifelong learners, I understand the impact that one vote makes. As Supervisor, I will make Whole Person Wellness—mental, physical, educational, economic, and environmental—a top priority.

This is just a short summary of my vision for Mendocino County. I'm dedicated, accessible, and ready to get to work for our community. To continue the conversation, contact me or follow me on social media.