Week of December 20th

What's up with The Mo You Know?

What a week! Here is a report of the meetings and events I attended this week as well a new endorsement!

Who's on Team Mo?

Sheriff Tom Allman

Good leadership depends on energy, enthusiasm and the knowledge of the many topics we face. I am endorsing Mo based on her ability to work with others and get the job done.
-Tom Allman, Mendocino County Sheriff (Retired)

I'm humbled and honored to have received the support of Sheriff Allman. To see my complete list of endorsements or sign up as an individual or organization, CLICK HERE to go to my Endorsements page.

What I did?

This week, I attended three Board of Supervisors meetings including a special meeting on Monday December 16th. On Friday, I had another great day of Leadership Mendocino with Health and Wellness Day. These days are packed with meeting people from local agencies, tours, applying our new skills, and working on our Leadership goals. My favorite moment was during the ambulance conversation when all three of our speakers were on their feet debating. They were passionate! Working together, we CAN bring together disparate views and experiences and come together to execute our plan and improve local services. We also received a great update on what is going right with homeless services and Measure B. And we were fortunate to enjoy lunch at the Latin X Mendocino meeting so it was a double dose of info! On Sunday, Andie and I volunteered on the Great Redwood Trail with the Ukiah Valley Trail Group to plant native grasses and spread mulch. It was a little rough getting the fourth grader out of bed, but after our work, we felt accomplished and proud and we smelled like manure for our "Open Door Meeting" at the office. It's a good thing the only person who showed up was a farmer—so he didn't mind. Thanks for coming John Johns! we discussed a range of topics from Veterans to community gardens and much more.

Where I went?

Thank you to Shannon Johnson for inviting me to the Good Farm Fund Dinner. I had a great time celebrating with local farmers who have received grants throughout the year to help grow our local food. It's great to live in a community where you not only know your neighbors but you know who grows your food. Speaking of awesome organizations, my youngest daughter Andie performed in SPACE's "Danceology" and I saw it not once but twice. I loved that they incorporated science with dance. SPACE is such an essential part of our community and a great resource for our youth.

Why I do what I do?

I've been thinking a lot about this lately. In the year that I've been campaigning, I have come to realize I do this (being a local elected) because I love it. It's not a job to me—it's a lifestyle. Meetings, events, fundraisers, being active in my community, it all fills my soul. This week, two awesome projects happened:

  • I saw a Facebook post about a kiddo not being able to go ice skating because it felt too overwhelming to deal with. I messaged mom and asked what would help. She said that kids on the autism spectrum are offered a special day at the Ice Rink in Santa Rosa without music and lights. I asked our City Recreation Team about it and they got on board right away. We came up with a date and time and started to spread the word on social media and created a flyer to get out to our community partners that serve kids with special needs. This wasn't anything I did on my own, this was just seeing a need and working to come up with a solution. Thank you to the City of Ukiah Recreation Department for making it happen and to mom Jennifer for suggesting it. December 26th 12-3pm Ukiah on Ice will have a Sensory Friendly Session with no flashing lights and no loud music. I hope it is a success and the City of Ukiah is able to add more dates and times next year to better serve everyone in our community.
  • In case you haven't heard, the Ukiah Lions Football Mighty Mite Team won a World Championship this last weekend. The parents and the community knew we had to celebrate this victory not only for the kids but for the businesses and individuals that helped raise over $30,000 in six days to make sure that every single team member could make it to the game that took place in Canton, Ohio. Organizing a parade for a homecoming takes considerable planning and has costs associated with it. I messaged our City Manager and within hours he had arranged for a special City Council meeting and reception to honor the youth at City Hall. I want to thank our City Manager and Mayor Doug Crane for their quick response. On 12/17/19 the community met at City Hall to honor these young people and celebrate their achievement along with the parents and coaches that spend so much time to help these kids have an activity that helps foster collaboration, team work and builds new friendships. Thank you all! Coaches: Bryan Morris, Tim Keffeler, Dan Giacomini, Tyler Woodall, Donte Graham, Galdino Guevara. Players: Devonte Guevara, Logan Burris, Deegan Mack, Gunner Mack, AJ Osburn, Justin Osburn, Tyson Woodall, Tristan Woodall, Fischer Ashby, Decarlo Contreras, Ayden Boyle, Dylan Morris, Noah Sevier, Jax Keffeler, Dante Giacomini, Cain Graham, Parker Hutchins, Clayton Petri, Judah Allen, Gavin Dalbec, Gavin Oglesby, Ryan Christensen, Jayden Bird, Elii Sandoval, Jaydin Wall, Sergio Dominguez, Malakias Dominguez, Scotty Tuttle, Jasper Goeken, Legend Mora.

These two things made me so proud to serve our community. Having events that have an impact on our youth and show them how much we support and honor them are crucial to creating a strong and healthy community. I am honored to be able to do the work that I do and to be part of this great community.

It's sign time!

We can start putting out yard signs within the city limits of Ukiah starting January 3rd! If you have not already done so, please CLICK HERE to go to our Volunteer page, check "Display a standard yard sign", and be sure to hit the "Save volunteer info" button! If you can sign up for a location for a large yard sign, help us walk precincts, or host a house party, sign up on our Volunteer page!

You can also help us get our message out and reach more voters when you donate to my campaign.